You might already know that Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is the king” in his essay written in 1996.

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” – Bill Gates

After 25 years, the present and future of the Internet depend on creative Content. It improvises with new marketing strategies that help reap high rewards in the digital world.

Why is it essential?

Okay! Think about what you do every time you open your phone, whether you watch videos, TikTok, or Netflix, read posts, or play games. So now you know why content is still king!

Content is not just text! It can be images, videos, podcasts, graphics, and GIFs. Content always helps you connect with your customers. Whatever the medium, it must be shareable and relevant to your industry.

Content Marketing strategy focuses on creating and sharing content to get your customers involved with your brand.

Consider these factors for content development:

  • Relevance
  • Engagement
  • Uniqueness


Top 3 reasons why you should rely on content marketing

1. Content is cost-effective.

Every business wants to stick to a marketing strategy that saves them money. According to research, it shows that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. As per Google Trends, content marketing has grown nearly 100% compared to previous years. 

So, content marketing lowers your budget besides helps you get a quality customer base for your brand. 

There are some initial costs involved in content creation. But Content distribution is already easy!

As you already know, social media platforms are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, it allows you to reach your market and niche audience. 

2. Content is the best for SEO & EAT.

In our previous blog, we mentioned how E-A-T works. Content collaborates with SEO, and quality content ranks your website.

SEO is a key part of why content marketing is beneficial for your business. But it can also help you increase your brand visibility on various platforms.

How do you make the content suitable for SEO?

As per Google, your content must be informative, credible, high quality, and engaging.

1. Keyword research

2. Find a topic

3. Overall Optimization


3. Content increases brand awareness.

Technology evolves every single day. There are a lot of chances to interact and adapt to customer interests!

Over 7 billion people own smartphones!

Now you can guess how far your business can reach the global audience through content marketing.

Do you want the right audience to know about your brand? You must create content that is interesting, relevant, and valuable information targeting the customer. 

Unlike ads, your brand must share blogs, vlogs, videos, multi-media elements, guides, etc., which develop your own identity among competitors. Content marketing thus gives a higher ROI than traditional strategies.

Are you ready for your business to take the next level?

Make your marketing strategies right. Contact us for more information about content marketing and branding for your business!

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