You instantly identify a brand with its logo and the logo communicates a lot of information about the company. The logo is the foundation of your brand and an essential branding investment for a business.

Logos are symbols that show a company’s public perception.

It is the first thing that a customer notices about your brand. Clients form an opinion about your company from your logo and tagline. I think you still remember a company’s brand from the logo they represent, a well-designed logo conveys the professional and quality goods or services you offer.

Consider these factors before you create your brand logo:

1. Logos should be distinctive.

The logo denotes a significant idea about your company. It delivers the right message about your brand and is a key element in marketing. It gives customers a sense of brand value.

2. Make it simple and recognizable.

Keep your logo simple and easily recognizable. It helps the customers to remember your logo.

3. It should be effective across multiple media/platforms.

Test your company logo design on several mediums. Nowadays, you use a logo on various platforms. Check your logo on websites, apps, advertisements, packaging even social media platforms, etc.

4. Pay attention to elements such as color, shape, and fonts.

Keep your logos proportionate from every angle. Never use excessive symbols or elements which create clutter in the notions. Place those shapes, lines, colors, and fonts that put forth the brand identity.

5. It must deliver the right message about your company.

The logos must be consistent with a proper message which can, in turn, attract customers for the brand.

Do you get first impressions with a logo? Yes right! That’s brand personality. Logo can speak for your brand. 

6. Logo advocates your brand identity.

Have you realized how quickly you identify a brand from its logo? Logos should represent the company clearly and properly. Pick a design that targets your customers.

The logo of Faateh Technologies, in turn, uses colors of power and energy, whereas SATS blue logo represents professionalism and loyalty.

7. It must be professional.

The logo communicates to people with no prior knowledge of the business. An eye-catching logo attracts a wider audience. Whichever values of your company you want to highlight, you can do that with the help of your logo.

Bold, Innovative, Efficiency, or compassion? Pick a perfect color that matches the emotion.

Choose the right font as well as symbols.

8. The logo must foster brand loyalty.

Customers always care about the experience they receive. Use colors that evoke a feeling of trust and a sense of security in the brand.

9. Keep it original.

Never complicate your design but use a unique idea that can strike the client at first sight. It must stand out in the market. Once you know your brand identity to represent, identify the other elements to support it.

10. Give it a deep meaning.

Make it more remarkable with the purpose of your brand. Your logo must convey a purpose to viewers instantly. It’s not just an image but a point of recognition for your brand. It can establish the reputation and maintain the vision of your business.

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