With the constant changes in technology, it is essential to stay up to date on the SEO trends to keep up with the latest Google updates and monitor regular changes in the SERPs. Stay ahead of the curve with strategic keywords and quality content with high-quality links.

Are you ready to stay ahead in 2022? From voice search to visual search, there are the latest trends that you need to follow for SEO optimization. 

In this post, let us discuss the top SEO trends:


1. E-A-T stays the same!


You might already know E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness! Ever since Google updated its ranking criteria, E-A-T has stayed the same! We have already detailed all the features of E-A-T in SEO in our previous blog: -

What is E-A-T? And Why Do You Need It for SEO?

EAT, existing since 2019, is the framework that is the basis of the Google algorithm!

In order to deliver the best results, EAT determines the web page quality. 

Sounds interesting? But how do you improve your EAT?


- Create original content

- Establish authenticity

- Show the author's expertise in the field.

- Cite your sources and references


2. Mobile friendly

People use mobile phones to search, share, and shop! 59.02% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Keep your web page functionality easily accessible to mobile users. You may not know that people browse through mobile devices more than computers and laptops. Your website pages must be responsive on every screen size available. 

Google assesses your website functionality, so if you do not design and develop your website to be mobile-friendly, it degrades your SEO ranking value. 


3. Overall Digital Presence

There is a lot of information covering various topics on the internet. That's why Google needs to assess legitimate results. 

How can you make your brand authentic?

I. Updated social presence

II. Social media profiling

III. Listings

IV. Positive reviews

V. Recognition


- Featured Snippets

Also, to note that, as per the latest updates, 'people also ask' increases website traffic. So, if you can answer your customer queries, you get the SEO ranking.

4. Content is not just texts

Usually, everyone considers content as just text! Yes, but engagement matters in Google ranking. 

So, you must create more interactive content online. 

Videos! Do you know that 55% of people watch videos every day? YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok, and whatnot! In fact, videos can communicate with your customer emotionally.  These videos directly captivate customers in multiple ways.

Try putting short videos on your website, which will not hamper the quality of your website. 

Optimize your videos—include keywords in the title and descriptions. 

Got any ideas? The next trend that you can follow for SEO ranking is


5. Localize

Adopt localization in your content strategy to ensure people in your area get to see your website in Google search results. 

Focus on a specific city or region with relevant local information. You can expect a growing engagement within a few months.

Stay updated on trends and increase your online visibility with Faateh Technologies! Call us for a free consultation. 

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