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Social media is complex and competitive now. Every company believes in branding rather than just selling its products for the following reasons:

- To develop loyalty

- To build trust

- To set your brand apart from the competitors

- To gain recognition among targeted audiences

Social media sites for businesses vary from B2B and B2C companies. You cannot randomly initiate branding without a strategy, whether you’re new or recently started a business.

Don’t worry if you own a 50-year-old business without social media presence. You can rebrand digitally with a digital marketing agency

Are you attracted to a specific brand? I’m sure you’re going to check out their Instagram feed soon. The number and quality of posts, and their engagement with customers give trust to the brand. 

Do you know most people spend 20%-40% of their money on companies or shops that are active on social media accounts? As Scott Cook put forth, A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other what it is. 

Start today with the expert analysis. Faateh Tech provides free digital marketing consultation for your business, analyzing your company sector and the scope of marketing on social media platforms.

Do you know, social networking sites build a community, connecting to reach people from anywhere in the world?

It’s instant! In one second, with one click, you communicate across countries easily. With one search you experience new things, learn, read, watch and discover brand new information. 

1. Visibility


You can promote your products and drive sales through brand visibility and paid ads. Once your customer gets to know your brand, they are likely to purchase from your business.

2. Connection

Communicate with your customers personally and generate brand awareness with individual clients and groups. Spread the word about your brand to a broader audience quickly. 

3. Engagement

You can trigger customer reviews and recommendations through authentic persuasion. Social media brand awareness gives an identity to establish your business in the industry.

Everything has the potential to change in a second, so you must keep experimenting with social media strategies. You can create Social Media Strategy for three reasons, maybe more! But we put up the most important ones here, 

·         Brand Awareness

·         Website Traffic 

·         Lead Generation/ Online leads. 

How to involve social media marketing for your use?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Likewise, social media marketing starts with the posting of images on social media platforms.

You should not just randomly post but with a content strategy. Create a marketing strategy with us. It all starts with having a consistent presence on all platforms. We’ve professional photographers to benefit your business.

Steps to follow for Social Media Management


1. Make a Content calendar

 Create a social media marketing plan to follow every week. Firstly, understand your audience and publish content that your audience love to see and even share! 

 Choose the right time to reach more engagement. Be certain about your goals. 

2. Customize your feed with relevant content.

 You can gain organic reach through distinct posts and increase customer engagement. 

Why not give a personality to your business? Use an identity to tell your customers about the mission and values of your product. Follow a story-telling pattern with pictures and videos. 

 Nike is one of the brands that successfully leveraged storytelling for several years. Instead of just selling the product, Nike tries to sell an experience to the customers. They wanted to create an impression. That’s how “Just Do It” become a part of brand development. 

3. Analyze the metrics 

Ever checked the social media management tools? There are different tools in every social media app for your business. 

You can use it to know engagement rate, audience reach, and many more. These metrics will provide you with an overview of your post reach. 

4. Keep posting

You should consistently post about your business on every platform. Maintain consistency and brand voice. Earn customers' loyalty through constant social media engagement. Create paid campaigns to boost your posts. 

Are you confused about how to boost your brand? Get it done with Faateh Technologies. We’ve experts to help you take steps for your digital growth!

Additional Tip

Why not get a website for your brand like Bubee drinks have created for their cafes at!! 

Websites create a professional outlook for your brand. Connect with our marketing team today for a free consultation!

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