You might have noticed a huge boom in the e-commerce sector within the last few years. You can get everything online from clothes to groceries with just a few clicks. Even post-Covid, there will be no turning back in the rising use of e-commerce trends. According to statistics, by 2022, over 120,000 stores will be using AR technologies for their e-commerce processes. With more customers shopping from various E-commerce sectors online, creating a cohesive brand across the diversity of platforms, including marketplaces, and digital media is popular than ever. 

Do you still check out your online shopping carts?

You still receive promotions and offers in your inbox often from popular online shopping sites, right?

Yes, e-commerce sites have been growing at an unprecedented rate since Covid-19. 

Many companies started to utilize omnichannel strategies in their business development. They increasingly expand to all e-commerce options. Though, online shopping will never replace the experience of doing window shopping and physical interaction with the products and people in malls. Digital platforms are the smartest way to shop and to maintain social distancing. In the Middle East, shopping through Marketplace and e-commerce sites accelerated multifold and eventually increased the overall reliance on these platforms. Perhaps, multiple payment options and delivery availability (same-day, next-day delivery, and COD) make online shopping more demanding. 

Have you ever tried shopping live?

Facebook Live Selling is popular among online UAE buying spree.

While Amazon and Noon tend to market widely, engaging audiences in local Social Media Live Shopping turned out to be the city’s new trend!! You can interact with your product seller easily online and know about the products in detail.

Did you know that 63% of customers indicate that their purchase depends on online reviews?

With honest reviews and upfront costs, you can rely on social media purchases. According to statistics, 75% of the population trust social networking sites for their shopping. Nobody denies cheap clothing stores online.

Moreover, you experience engagement on a different level with the sellers online. You can always check out socials for all product reviews. Social Media commerce influences consumer decisions and brand awareness. We get customers' long, and in-depth reviews of the products from the online community. As per the records, there is a huge rise from $5 billion in profit in 2015 to $20 billion in 2020. Various e-commerce businesses in the UAE and other middle east countries have a huge growth causing a global reach to online shopping.

Let’s check out some interesting facts about online shopping trends in the Middle East:

1. Almost 90% of goods for online selling are imported from other countries.

2. On average, UAE shoppers spend $122 per e-commerce transaction.

3. Online retail penetration as a percentage of total retail in GCC is estimated at 11% in 2021, up from 6.4% in 2019. And, 48% of internet users in the Middle East shop online.

4.  UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt make up 80% of MENA’S e-commerce market.

5. Most MENA consumers discover new sellers on social media platforms.

6. According to statistics, Facebook is one of the highest influential platforms with over 133 million users.

7. Digital Marketing Community reports that women carry out shopping online more than men in the MENA region. On average, 55% of women surveyed focus on quality and brand name, and 45% focus on price, offers & promotions.

8. According to Digital Marketing Consultancy (Middle East), 75% of digital advertising in MENA goes to Facebook and Google.

9. Advertising Trends in the Middle East mainly focus on Facebook Advertising Network (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), Google Ads, and YouTube Video Advertising.

10. Customers' preferred language: 96% of the consumer in Saudi Arabia prefer Arabic and 82% in Egypt, while in the UAE, 60% of consumers prefer to post in English.

Leveraging online shopping gives great value to the seller-customer experience which can, in turn, bring out followers for your products. Businesses can get consumer insights and analytics for their every ad in the digital world.

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