Recently, the UAE's leading English news publication collaborated for the exclusive programmatic display across all digital channels. 

You may have heard of the term 'programmatic buying' as a buzzword a long time back, just like another trend in the digital world. 

Programmatic advertising is not one of the latest trends to curate digital media ads in the ‘new normal post-COVID era’. 

Do you know how far digital ad costs have increased over the last few years? As per the eMarketer forecast, global programmatic advertising would reach $524.31 billion, i.e., 88%, in 2022. (eMarketer)

But why is it highly globalized?

 In simple terms, programmatic advertising utilizes technology for online advertising. It can tailor the messages and ads to the target audience in relevant media. 

Usually, you can analyze consumer behavior to advertise depending on their preferences online.

Imagine you search- "black formal shoes" on a search engine once, then suddenly see ads for the particular shoes everywhere on the internet.

The real-time bidding helps in sharing the ads with you!


How does it work?

Technologies such as, 

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) 

2. Real-time bidding

3. Machine Learning

Mostly, agencies use DSP (Demand Side Platform) to choose the ad through an automated bidding system and finalize its cost, whereas publishers use SSP ( Supply Side Platform) to sell ad space.

Once you buy an ad, you get access to the real-time data of the users based on age, behavior, social engagement, location, and time. 

You can put it up as

DSP connects to an ad exchange to buy and sell ad space!

As per the data, you can determine the relevance of your ad to the user. 

The whole process involves buying media, ad placement, tracking, and optimization.


The Benefits of Programmatic Ads

  1. Eases the ad buying process.
  2. Improves ROI and more sales
  3. Customer insight
  4. Customization
  5. More control

Types of Programmatic Ads


1. Real-time bidding 

Advertising spaces are open to everyone—any company can bid instantly in real time. 

The company that bids the highest gets the ad space. 

Meanwhile, the only negative aspect is that you do not know where your ads appear, and you cannot always assure inventory quality. 


2. Programmatic direct

In this type of programmatic ad, publishers reserve a part of the entire inventory for specific buyers, managed by third-party companies. 

Then, advertisers negotiate the terms of the ad space.

It offers more control to the advertisers because they can choose the price, target, and duration of their ads. 

But you must have a high budget to control ad placement. 


3. Private Marketplace (PMP)


In the PMP, the publisher sets their premium ad spots for a few advertisers. 

Mainly, PMPs have higher priority, and only certain advertisers can access the inventory, which is invitation-only auctions. 

Websites like Forbes utilize PMP because of its massive daily reach. 

With PMP, you know where your ads will appear. 


4. Preferred deals

Prior to going to the public market, preferred deals allow advertisers to buy ad space at a fixed price, also known as spot buying. 

Both advertiser and publisher agree on pricing and targeting before buying ad space. 

This option helps you preview the available ad space. 

What are the usual ad formats? There are numerous format options, like display ads, video ads, native ads, and voice ads.

How is it possible?

Initially, you need to know your market- the audience you are trying to reach! 

Determine them with age, gender, and other information. 

Always set a campaign goal to succeed. Your goals could be:

i. Brand awareness

ii. Leads

iii. Website clicks or phone calls

Then, you must ensure that your ads appear in a suitable space!

You can use software or machine learning to purchase and automate digital advertising instead of the manual process to help you consolidate analytics. 


Top-rated platforms for programmatic advertising campaigns:


2. TubeMogul

3. MediaMath

4. Google Marketing Platform

5. AdRoll

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