Are you confused about how to start a successful social media campaign for your business? And you do not know where to start?

We are your social media marketing agency in Dubai to guide you in the right direction. Our expert team helps you identify the right social media strategy.

In this blog, we brief on ten tips to strategize a successful social media campaign for your business:


1. Content Relevancy

Social media marketing is not just sharing posts and stories. Every post that you create has a primary objective of engagement. These posts integrate with the audience relevant to your business, connecting your brand to the customers. 

How to create a strategy? 

Use these 3Ws to support your strategy:

- Why do you use Social Media?

- Who Is Your Target Audience?

- What value addition are you intending to offer?


2. Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

Before you launch your campaign, start with finding social networking apps that can help your business to run successful social media campaigns. Only using one social platform will constraint the audience's reach.

There are a variety of existing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on. Choose the channels suitable for your target market. 


3. Create appealing Visual & Verbal Content

You must design content specifically for the conversion rate for your ad campaigns. Facebook provides an extensive selection of ads such as videos, carousels, text updates, and much more. It differs across various channels. So, you should design and create content to connect with your target audience. 


4. Use relevant & Unique Hashtags

Hashtags grab the attention of people outside your circle to your posts. Usage of catchy hashtags helps the audience find posts related to the topic. 


- Always use the key phrase or concept of your post in your hashtags. For example, if you are posting something related to the mobile application, use hashtags such as #mobileapp, #application, #appdevelopment in the caption of your post. 


5. Optimize Your Routine

To offer effective social media campaigns, keep an optimized right time in digital advertising. You must understand the impact of event visibility across the world on your business. Be sure to keep your social media branding consistent across all platforms. 

A proper content calendar provides a schedule for your social media content, and it will help you organize your marketing campaign according to relevance and quality. 

Why does the campaign perform poorly? 

If you lack impressions and reach, you should optimize campaign settings as per the metrics and set up ads to deliver at the right time.

6. Engage with your Audience

Be sure to have appealing, high-quality photography of your product or service.

To engage with your audience, you can host giveaways, contests, and more on your social media pages! These activities will create a trustworthy interaction between your brand and the audience. 

Common Engagement activities:

- Create Polls & Surveys

- Run Contests & Giveaways

- "Tag your friend" kind of contests

- Run a Live or Live Story campaign


7. Make Targeted Ad Campaigns

Most of the social media channels offer the most advanced ways of targeting audiences to increase the effectiveness of the ad campaigns. 

Below mentioned are a few examples of target groups that can be created:

- Lookalike: Audience based on the existing followers of your page

- Retargeting: people who have engaged with your social media platforms previously

- Demographic: Audience based on the characteristics that describe a group of people (age, gender, location)

There are infinite feature updates on all social media channels every week. 


8. Add CTA to your Posts

When you start a social media campaign on any platform, never forget to add a call to action. It shows a clear indication of what call-to-action users should do from your ads. 

Common CTA's that users would see in your ads are:

- Visit your website

- Call Now

- Book your appointment

- Click here to shop 


9. Analyze the results

How will you know the success of your campaign? Do you have any tools? Yes! You can get statistics about your campaign from all social media platforms. 

All information ranging from the number of views, likes, reach, clicks on your ads are available from every campaign. The statistics determine if the campaign was a success or a failure. 

It will help you set up your next successful campaign. 


10. Review & Follow-up

After each social media campaign, you must review the new prospective leads you generated. You should also follow up to build a long-lasting relationship with the prospects. Follow-up campaigns include timely emails, messages, and other means of communication that can trigger the client to take action. 

Also, compare sales before and after your campaign. 

If you’re ready to start your social media campaigns and want a customized ad targeting your customers to increase the conversion rate, contact us for a free consultation!

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