Google is the most popular search engine, and one-third of people (33%) click on paid search advertisements. 

Are you confused about how to start Google Ads for your business?


Let’s explore various aspects of Google ads in this guide. 


  • Google ads start when an advertiser creates ads that bid on keywords. 
  • If any ads are already targeting the keywords. 
  • Auction is triggered.  
  • Google then creates auctions only once per account. 


However, Google uses Quality Score and Ad Rank formulas to choose winners. And you will have to pay only when an ad gets clicked. 


Once you set your ad to run, it will take 24-48 hours to review the ad. 


How can you use Google Ads for your business (if you’re not planning for a higher ad cost)?


1. Keyword Strategy

Choosing the right keywords can save you time and money! Do PPC keyword research to know more about the high ROI keywords. Always go for local terms and DKI (dynamic keyword insertion) to match the searcher’s queries. 


2. Google Ranking Strategy

You might require SEO strategies such as Google My Business Optimization and blogging to reach the SERP. It would give you instant credibility and a higher chance of getting a click. 


3. Capture local awareness

If you could get your business to reach your local community, you could improve the matching searches for your local customers to visit your store.


Turning into the Ad costs, do you want to know whether you can afford Google Ads or not? 

Yes, you can! 


But Google Ads depend on various factors that directly and indirectly impact- bidding keywords, location, industry and much more. 


Factors that impact Google Ads cost:


- Industry


Google ad costs vary with the industry; if you run your business in more competitive verticals such as legal, real estate, or IT, they will have higher costs per click (CPC). While the arts and entertainment, verticals have lower costs per click. 


- Current Trends

All paid ads are not the same every day! Ad trends change with the new updates in the overall economy. It’s always essential to know what’s going on in your industry.


- Dayparting


Ad scheduling, or dayparting, is the way to choose when your ads appear to your customers.

For example, if you run a business that closes at 7pmyou may not want your customers to visit or contact you after business hours.


- Geotargeting


Geotargeting, or location targeting, ensures that your ads appear only in the targeted area or region. It is an excellent way to grow local customers who search for services in specific areas. 

- Keywords


Your ad cost starts with bidding. If you are bidding on high-intent keywords, it will cost you more. 


In competitive markets, clicks get higher prices. 


What are the most expensive keyword categories?


  1. Loans
  2. Insurance
  3. Mortgage
  4. Lawyer/ legal
  5. Credit
  6. Hosting
  7. Trading
  8. Software
  9. Degree
  10. Online education
  11. Clean-up & Restoration Services
  12. Treatments


So, how can you budget your Google Ads?


Google asks you to provide a daily budget when you set a campaign.

Give a separate budget for each campaign. 

To be clear, Google will not spend the exact daily budget amount. 

It gives you an estimate of the amount you would like to spend on the ads. 


Do you know, that Google could at least spend 20%, maybe more, of your daily budget? 

So, if you set 50 AED as your daily budget, your daily spending limit will be 100 AED. 


What should be your monthly budget? 


It depends on your overall Google Ads budget, average CPC of the bid keywords, and relevance of your campaign. 


Have you figured it out? 

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