Before getting to know what is the difference between domain and hosting,  

let’s discuss, what is a website?  

As you all know, the internet is a network of servers that are all connected. Each of these servers or computers is uniquely distinguished and identified with IP (internet protocol) address.  

Every computer activity on the internet gets signed with a particular IP address. It is how an IP address looks like: 

And technically, a website is a group of files that you store on a specific web server and make visible to the public.  


So, what about domain? 

A domain name is the home address or location of your website. It is where website files are stored. For example, the domain name for our website is www.faatehtech.com. You type this into your browser to reach our website. When you want to get a site, all you need to do is type the domain name! 


Domain names contain two parts:  


1. SLD (Second level domain) - a name that includes words or phrases 

2. TLD (Top-level domain) - predetermined extensions like-.com/.ae/.in, etc.  


Do you know? A domain name is 100% unique. It can only point to one website. However, multiple domains can point to a single website.  


So, if you’re looking to create a new website, you will need a domain name first, similar to how we keep addresses in our homes. It takes users to your site.  


Where can you purchase a domain? 

You can buy a domain from domain registrars listed under ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers). It is an authority that manages domain databases on the internet.  


So, now what about the cost?  

Prices of domains vary depending on the extension i.e., .ae, .com, etc.  

Check your domain name availability with us 

Let’s now discuss web hosting.  

Hosting is the storehouse of your specific website files! Website hosting helps you display your domain on the browsers. 

All sites on the internet run on a web host. Aside from domain purchasing, you must get a hosting account before you develop a website. Numerous viable hosting companies can help you with it. Your hosting plan depends on the size and number of files that you can store for your site.  


Usually, there are different types of hosting available: 

It is essential to research before choosing a hosting company. You must check: 

- Server speed 

- Easy to use the portal 

- Pricing and packages 

 Let us now understand the types of hosting in detail. 

Shared Hosting 

It is the least expensive one. In this plan, you place your files in a server space where it contains other websites. This hosting works well for new sites. 


VPS Hosting 

This hosting gives a private space for the users with dedicated resources. It works well for websites with medium to high traffic websites. 


Cloud Hosting 

Uses a cluster or part of various servers to host the site. Cloud hosting is the ideal solution for high-availability websites like e-commerce.  


WordPress Hosting 

It offers optimized, high-performance, and secured hosting for all WordPress sites. You can easily manage your WordPress sites with this hosting.  

Without hosting, your site will not exist, and there is no use of the domain name!  


Do you have to buy web hosting and a domain name together?  

You don’t have to buy it together. However, you can purchase it separately but, it’s essential to change DNS settings and point the domain to your hosting. Otherwise, your website will be inaccessible. Some companies provide both the domain and hosting together.  

In a nutshell,  

Domain names help you identify a website and its address.  

Website hosting provides space for your website files, and it’s the home.  

If you’re still confused with the website hosting, we are here to assist you.

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