The global pace of urbanization over recent decades has accelerated the social and economic activities, planning, and inter-connectivity in UAE. 

UAE has succeeded in transforming itself into an international technological hub and investment center. The country achieved vast development in various sectors such as tourism, real estate, logistics, retail, technology, and finance. According to the latest innovation index published by PWC, Dubai ranked 1st position in the whole Arab world and 20th position globally in agile infrastructure and future-focused business model.

Transformation through the 50 years

 As we celebrate the 50th UAE National Day in 2021, you will find how UAE transforms itself every day. The country is an early adopter of AI technology in government and other priority sectors: cyber security, healthcare, tourism, and transportation. 

Dubai’s digital journey started in 1999 with the pioneering ICT strategy, followed by the construction of Dubai Internet City and the launch of the Smart government. 

During the past 50 years, numerous digital initiatives have driven public adoption of technology in all aspects of society. His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum envisioned Smart Dubai, an initiative “to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth”

Digital Technologies of UAE introduced implementations from data analytics, blockchains, robotics, hyperloop projects, and AI applications developed and trialed throughout the country. 

The five-year Smart Dubai 2021 strategy reached a different level of digital transformation and interconnectivity in all aspects of the economy. UAE actively offers 90% of its daily needs through digital services to ease the life of residents and visitors. 

The country brings together more than 200 nationalities connecting culture and globalization through seamless and efficient online services. The government maintains cutting-edge technology to make all government interactions and services anywhere and anytime without even visiting the offices. Digital procurement opportunities allow businesses to make transactions digitally. 

Let us now look into the crucial tech solutions that would be a success factor in the country. 


Top 5 Technology Innovations in UAE

1. Expo 2020

Do you know how Expo 2020 is a center of Innovation? Several initiatives unleash technology in Expo 2020, like analytics, AI virtual assistance, and geo-location services. One of the core themes of Expo is Mobility, and UAE proved to delve into the future with sustainable and innovative solutions. 


- Robots & Expo 2020

Robots at Dubai Expo 2020 have become a part of futuristic digitalized cities.

Opti Robot in the Opportunity Pavilion takes part in parades and interacts with visitors. It is a mascot robot, one meter tall designed for Dubai Expo.

There is Tala-bot in the Talabat kiosk that takes orders and serves the food. Moreover, delivery robots known as Vending Trolleys carry and distribute things around Expo 2020.

Additionally, you can find the Patrol Robots on the Expo walkways that make sure of the safety among visitors.

In the German pavilion, visitors can witness futuristic Beethoven's work performed by robots.

The collective notions of Artificial intelligence, Air travel, Mobility track, Future vehicles, and Global healthcare development are just a few to count the sustainable and mobility innovations discussed and depicted in Expo 2020. 


2. Taxi, fully autonomous taxi

As a part of Smart Dubai, self-driving transport has been a goal to ease transportability. 

The latest technology of autonomous transportation ensures fast movement across the country. 

Taxi, the first driverless car, rolled out at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi as a part of the pilot project. The RTA already planned to deploy a fully operational smart infrastructure through several self-transportation modes like aerial taxis, Dubai sky pods, self-driving buses, and e-scooter.

Taxi is just the pioneering project of the first phase of high-tech transport plans. Government plans to make 25% of vehicles autonomous by 2030.

Another major project to enable Drone Transportation in the country is underway. It reduces carbon emissions and stimulates high-end technology solutions.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Platform

Do you know UAE appointed the world’s first minister for AI (artificial intelligence) in 2017 to make UAE a top leader in AI by 2031? 

The government is taking initial steps to fund a lot of pilot projects.  

Well, there is a university for Artificial Intelligence in UAE! The Mohamad Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence offers specialized courses in Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and processing.

Abu Dhabi partnered with Sojern, a US-based company to integrate AI marketing into the tourism industry.

Recently, American AI Company, Cerebras System, and G42, a UAE-based cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence joined together. The joint venture aims to bring high-performing AI technology to the country. 

G42 manages the middle east largest cloud computing infrastructure. This partnership opens transforming AI solutions and next-generation cloud processing. 


4. Robo Cafe 

It’s fun to watch robots cook and deliver food for you, right! At Dubai’s new Robo Cafe, robots wholly replaced human beings. It shows how AI technology takes over daily tasks in our social life.  

It is not something new in the UAE. Shortly, you will see your food delivered to your doorstep via delivery robots. As per reports, delivery AI robots will start rolling through the streets by next year.

The robot operational cafe offers a futuristic and innovative experience, from taking your order to serving you the food. Robots perform coordinated entertainment activities while you enjoy the cuisine in several other restaurants across the country.  


5. Digital Economy & Blockchain 

As UAE celebrates 50 years, the Dubai emirate strides towards becoming the world’s smartest digital city in the world. The government is already providing around 1000 e-services to power its digital economy. 

UAE digital economy set to grow higher as the country ranked amongst Top 10 Digital Economies of the Future. 

Dubai is the home to over 100s blockchain businesses experiencing a hike in the Blockchain market by 24%, exceeding the global average of 19%. Dubai Blockchain Strategy initiated 24 Blockchain usage across industries including real estate, finance, and more. 

With visionary planning and futuristic business models, UAE ranks number one, globally, in foreign direct investment (FDI) and progressive innovative plans for the well-being of the citizens in UAE.

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