Is it time to try social media marketing for your business?

Well, think hard. In 2022, every brand will invest in the latest online marketing trends for products and services to leverage their business and grow exponentially.

Your digital presence completes your business. There will be no consistent growth without going digital. Digital marketing agencies give your business new strategies for worldwide reach and growth.

Let us check out a few new trends in how digital marketing will work in 2022 which will be prevailing.

1. Live Streaming/Video Marketing

From Netflix to Instagram reels, we spend time watching videos every day. These videos are the most engaging social media content, directly captivating us in several ways.

Going viral is the new trend in video marketing. You can reach millions of people through viral content. You can start with short videos like Tok-Tok, reels or Stories, or long videos on YouTube. It is significant to initiate utilizing video content for your marketing.

As per Cisco studies, in 2022, 82% of online social media content will be videos.

People now are adapted to carry out shopping online, attend brand events online, promotional activities through live streaming, and interact with their favorite brands online in real-time without leaving home. We witness many popular brands carrying out customer service through live streaming. Live selling is also a popular trend in which buyers interact with sellers and shop through live sessions on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Selling on social media

Have you ever tried Instagram shopping? Facebook and Instagram have emerged as the new e-commerce platforms, with shoppable posts enticing customers to buy a product at first sight. You can tag your products in pictures, videos, and stories to make them easy to shop directly.

Facebook and Insta Shop options opened a new vertical for consumer reach. You can directly communicate with the sellers regarding the purchase and get it delivered to your doorstep. Social networking sites are constantly adding new selling options, such as Ad campaigns and the Marketplace. You can convert your followers and friends to your customers with proper social media management.

3. A/R, V/R, and Instant Chatbots

Technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offer better and more engaging experiences on social media platforms. Facebook, under the new name Meta, initiated VR through its virtual reality collaborative platform, Horizon (Facebook Horizon | Virtual Reality Worlds and Communities) to create an interactive experience.

Instagram and Snapchat use augmented reality filters for a creative user experience. These AR digital elements enhance reality mainly through its photo filters and change the way it looks. Additionally, do you want to create your own augmented reality experiences? Facebook’s powerful AR software, Spark (Spark AR Studio - Create Augmented Reality Experiences | Spark AR Studio) has all the features to customize and develop your own AR project.

Further, instant communication leverages a flexible customer experience. Chatbots and Facebook Chat plugins provide an immediate response to customer queries. There are a lot of plugins available on websites to enhance the user experience in this dynamic digital world. 

4. Event/Influencer Marketing

Have you ever visited a store to meet your favorite film star or social media influencer? 

With the growing demand for Influencer Marketing, social media influencers dominate marketing everywhere. 

Unlike TV ads in the past, social media profiles develop direct communication and authenticity. With PR/digital celebrity events, you gain followers for your business and buyers for your products. Influencers can help the brand achieve a higher engagement rate and also generate numerous leads. These are the main reasons why it is popular in the marketing world. Brands focus on collaborating with multiple relevant, niche-related social media influencers instead of high-end celebrities.

5. User-generated Content

The main point behind user-generated content is that it’s free and it's very engaging with your customers. A lot of brands encourage people to enter the contests and be a part of the campaigns. UGC helps your brand be more authentic and trustworthy among your customers.

How can you do it? Just motivate your audience to create the content and tag the brand to get featured on the official page. Brands like Airbnb rely on UGC for their social media platforms.

So, if you are confused about starting a marketing campaign suitable for your business, we are here to help you! Our marketing specialists can take your brand to the next digital level.

Now, we believe you want to try Digital Marketing for your business! Or do you have too many questions? Contact us

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