Facebook tends to be the most popular social networking platform for marketing and advertising. Is every post you create fit for your social media platforms? Actually, knowing what to post on social media saves a lot of your time.

You might already know that it is deliberately hard to create engaging posts every time.

In particular, if you are running a business, you require the assistance of social media experts. 

Repetitive posts bore your audience! Your Facebook should not always include your products and services. You must offer posts that educate, entertain, and advise your audience. It may raise brand awareness, but it will also help you increase customer loyalty.

What are the possible post formats?

- Videos

- Animated Gifs

- Images

- Memes


- Reviews 

- Questionnaires

How can you create Facebook posts that give you the highest chances of engagement? 


Facebook polls are always a customer engagement option for any business. It assists you in understanding customer preferences. 

You can learn more about your audience and show that you care about their preferences. 

To execute it, use these topics: - Which is your favorite? 

- If you had to pick just one, what would it be?

- What do you want to see more of on our feed? 


Your customers will appreciate it if you can offer your insight into popular global events.

Create posts for sports events- Olympics, 

- International and national observances include World Health Day, Mother’s Day, and Children’s Day.

- Causes include the fight against AIDS, cancer, and the climate crisis, or global warming.

Culture Topics

If you want to engage with your local audience, you can discuss local cultural topics using hashtags. 

It will widen the brand reach and attract more local audiences.

Popular culture topics include local and cultural events, expos, flea markets, book exhibitions, viral videos, and trends in the region. 

Industry Trends

You can always try videos, images, or blogs based on industry trends. The audience would love to read the industry news and updates. 

Try to curate articles relevant to your sector.

Share blog posts, updates, or studies related to your niche. 

Testimonial posts

Customer testimonials and success stories help to establish trust and authenticity in your brand.

It can also create a community around your brand with a valuable customer base. 

Testimonial post ideas:

- short video with your customers.

- One minute questionnaire 

- Share a screenshot of the review.

Inspiring Stories

Who would say no to inspirational stories? Everyone loves inspiration and compelling stories. 

You can share successful stories (and failures) with them to encourage them in their daily life. 

How can you do it? You can share,

- Motivational quotes

- Journey of successful individuals


People are always curious to learn through quick tips. And when you offer your audience tips and tutorials, it shows your industry expertise. 

You can create posts like:

- Everything you need to know about (the concept or topic).

- Tip of the Day

- How-to videos 


Nowadays, people generally love DIY projects. Give some exciting "Do It Yourself" posts with your products or sevices.

Maintain content that is informative to your specific target audience.

Share DIYs such as:

- 10 DIY activities you can try with (your product)

- Children's DIY Projects with (your brand name)

- Learn through our DIY practices.

Data and Analyses

Sharing informative statistics and data always encourages your customers to follow you.

Turn exciting data into a visual (as an image or video). You can either use your brand data or global industry analysis.

Facebook Live Interview

Use Facebook Live to share an influencer or leadership interview. If you go live, people could easily connect with you! It gives them a chance to interact with you in real time.

How can you use Facebook Live to engage with your audience?

- Answer queries from your audience.

- Show a live event to your online community

- Sessions with your co-workers

- Showcase company culture

Wrapping up,

Always create a content calendar to keep you organized. Want any help for your Facebook marketing? Contact us for free consultation.

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